my other blog

these days i am doing blogging at my other blog. it is a quest blog i do with a friend and i think doing it with a friend helps me stay motivated so i actually keep posting on a regular basis!

anyhow check it out it is fun and cool.



since computer issues i have lost my momentum. i think partly it is that my computer is still not working well and it works enouigh that i can post but i am frustrated so not posting as often as i was. not sure how to get out of this rut or if it is a rut that needs getting out of.

in the mean time i am outside a lot with dmitri and and while we have not done a lot of craft projects lately or gone hiking much we have been having a lot of fun. this week dmitri got gifts from grandmas, one grandma got him a fancy wooden play kitchen the other grandma got him a harmonica! i think the harmonica may have been inspired by the book Saterday With Mez which is an awesome book and one of the most read books in our house. so we have been busy playing with both new toys. well i mostly watch dmitri play when i try and play to i usually get gently and kindly pushed away. i may get a new laptop soon i don’t know if  i will feel motivated to post more if i get one and i am dithering about the cost of a laptop and if it is worth the money or if maybe i should take this as a sign that it is time i spend much less time online.

my computer is much happier and no longer has any of the software problems it had however i need to install various things and it is hard to do that while watching a toddler so it may take me a little longer before i get back to my old routines. also i managed to forget to make backups of my bookmarks and things like that and so i lost the huge list of blogs i enjoy reading. if anyone would like to suggest a blog for me that could be fun or if you have a blog and want toshare the url that would also be great. i mostly read crafty blogs and blogs abour parrenting but i also like blogs about decorating and about gardening and farming and cooking and i have been known to read blogs that where about stuff i had previously not found interesting so any sort of blog is cool.

i found this while browsing  soulmama’s blog i suspect just aout the whole world knows about the soulmama blog but if you don’t know about it then go check it out because it is really amazing and it is one of the reasons i decided to start this blog.

anyhow i love this video i love the song and i love it because i am really facinated by paper engineering. i would love to learn more about how to create amazing things from paper but a lot of what i am interested in doing requires an exacto knife and dmitri tends to want to participate in whatever i am doing so i am planning on waiting a while before i get into paper cutting. so here is the video i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

rob ordered various parts and has been tinkering with them and soon my computer will be in as good as new shape actually better than new because i am going to install linux which should prevent the current problems i have from happening again! not only that my old computer will work again and it will act as a media server type thing for us! the old computer has a rather fancy video card and i can use my drawing tablet with it, dmitri does not like me using the tablet so i have never had a chance to really play with it but since the old computer lives in the office and dmitri does not go in the office i will have opportunity to use the tablet now! rob needs to do some more tinkering and then i need to install a new os on this computer and then blogging will be easy again but rob has started by monday all will be well again i hope.

and now for a little story that sadly has no photos to go with it.

once upon a time there was a mama with terrible allergies. the mama decided that her eyes and nose and throat needed a break and so her and her little son would have a day that was spent entirely indoors. the son was not keen on being cooped up in the house all day. he wanted to be outside where the wind was blowing pollen this way and that way but alas he could not figure out how to unlock the door. he was a very unhappy child and so his mama thought up something fun to do. she got a big plastic tray and put shaving cream all over it and then she put finger paint on the tray with the shaving cream and then she put the whole tray in the shower and let the little boy go wild. when the little boy seemed all done she turned the shower on and he got to pour water from container to container and when he was finally done playing he got milkies and then he went on her back in a fabulous baby carrier (in this case it was a chunei but other times it is a woven wrap!) where he fell into a blissful sleep and later woke up feeling refreshed and happy.

the end

another fun web page

i found another fun web page, it is like a music toy. i love how it makes the music so visual! if you have free time and like playing around with music go check out GROTRIAN Pianos.

computer issues

i am having some computer issues that make it harder to post blog entries, actually the issues make everything harder. on the bright side i found my phone and will e able to post a finale for the week of flowers. i may post fewer blog entries though until the laptop is working the way it should. right now doing anything on it causes a lot of frustration.