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our advent calendar

i wanted a very simple advent calendar and while i love the fabric ones people make to use every year i like the idea of making a new one each year. i guess i hope when dmitri is older he can help make a paper advent calendar each year. this years calendar i made alone since dmitri is 13 months and not very helpful he did play with the crayons while i worked though and he kept me company. it is just envelopes hanging on a string with numbers drawn on with crayons. i am happy with it. it is for the entire month of December so it goes to 31 and no candy is inside it (although rob wishes it had candy) instead it just has pieces of paper with a fun thing to do each day and many of the things are easy and simple activities we might have decided to do any ways. one of the fun things is i shuffled the papers and so most of the days i don’t know what the activity will be. i like that it will be a surprise for me! my activities include baking an apple pie, going to the beach, looking at stars, having a family music night and a family reading night (where rob reads out loud but if dmitri wants to pay with the books we may just curl up and listen to a favorite audio book) all simple easy non stressful things. when dmitri is older we will do more elaborate things i might put a treasure map in one day and we could go to museums and stuff.


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Robs solstice spiral hat

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I am almost done with robs hat. It’s gray because that’s what I had and rob really likes gray. And it is large cuz rob has an abnormally large head.

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dmitri’s spiral hat

i am so happy with this spiral hat. i made up the pattern and plan to write it out for others to use. it knit up super fast and i love the spiral. it is shaped sort of like an acorn cap and so i have found myself calling it his acorn hat. it is reversible and looks neat no matter how it is worn. it is also super stretchy. i have enough yarn left that i think i may make a bigger one for me and give my simple rolled brim hat to rob. dmitri seems to like it to because he actually wears it instead of taking it off when i put it on his head.
stay tuned for the pattern and also the adult version once it is knit up.

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my simple rolled brim hat

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my simple rolled brim hat. i am pretty happy with how this came out

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a t-rex day advent calendar

we don’t celebrate christmas or Hanuka (we might start celebrating Hanuka though in a very simple way). rob is agnostic and i am a pantheist. i plan to raise dmitri as a pantheist but anyhow not being christians rob and i have never felt all that comfortable with christmas but we i feel a need to do something fun very year and while we always celebrate solstice i wanted something more of a silly kid holiday and so i canme up with t-rex day. t-rex day used to be on the new moon in december but since becoming a mom we changed it to the 25th so that dmitri won’t feel like he is left out when all his friends get to celebrate xmas every december 25th he will be celebrating t-rex day. to celebrate t-rex day you have to decide who will be breaking into your home to leave gifts. this is something for kids to do. the first year it was a t-rex thus the name. when dmitri is old enough we may write a letter to the univers every year saying we would like to invite a dinosour or a dragon or a pine tree or whatever we come up with to break in and leave some gifts while we are sleeping. then you get to spend a month decorating the house and sneaking about making gifts. a big part of t-rex day is that gifts are supposed to be hand made and fun and easy and simple. non stresful gifts. you then get to give your gift anonymously by pretending to be something like a dinosaur. anyhow this is our families way of not celebrating christmas but still having fun and we get to decorate the house and this year i want to make an advent calender. i have ben having a lot of fun browsing flickr and looking at different calendars and my favorite ones are the ones with simpole bags iether paper bags or cloth sacks with numbers on them strung up on a wall. i thimk i will be making one with bags probably paper bags. i need to decide what to put in them. when dmitri is older i may do winter seeds to plant and little notes about how that day we will take a trip to the beach or a favorite museum but he is 13 months old so whatever i fill a calendar with this year will be more for me than for him. i may actually buy some thinghs this year that he needs any ways and fill the calendar that way. he is growing out of all his cloths and his socks and i could easily fill a calendar with things i need to buy soon anyways. anyhow t-rex day is coming as is solctice! i hope to post some pics of our holiday crafts soon.

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hat pattern

i actually bought a knitting pattern. i don’t buy patterns often but i bought one and i plan to soon start knitting a spiral hat i spent a few weeks looking at the pictures of the hat before i decided to just go ahead and get the pattern. now i have to find yarn to use for it. any suggestions?

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magical cayenne pepper

i seem to have caught some sort of viral ickyness that includes a terribly sore throat. cough drops never really help much and i was feeling desperate so i looked up home remedies on google. i kept finding things that said to drink various things like orange juice or water with cayenne pepper in it. i was afraid to try it but desperation drove me to try it and it works! it sort of numbs my throat and i am realizing i tend to like spicy things like hot and sour soup when i am sick for the reason of it helping my sore throat and it helps with congestion. so next time you get a sore throat try cayenne pepper!

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