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printable pdf valentines and mask

by the end of the day i hope to have my first product up on etsy! i just need to write a description! what do you think?


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Free Valentines For You

I made Valentines for you! you can download this pdf file print them out cut them up and give them to all your friends. if i ever find the time i may make fancier ones and sell them on etsy super cheap but for starters i just have freebies! help yourself to some hearts šŸ™‚


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day dreams of the future

this morning rob took dmitri out so that i might sleep in. sadly i found myself unable to fall back to sleep and instead i started to day dream. i thought about where i would like to be in the future. how we hope to eventually by land and how right now it seems to me the perfect peice of land would have on it a little tiny cabin with a kitchen a place to eat and a sleeping loft and a small barn that we could clean out and use as a space to play. i thought about how if we found that we would then biuld a little cob house it would have a tiny kitchen mostly for making breakfast in (we would use the kitchen in thelittleĀ  cabin for most meals and eat there as well) a little place to eat a few bedrooms for us and dmitri and future children a laundry room a bathroom and a little atached greenhouse. it would be a very tiny house.Ā  the sleeping loft in the cabin would be an office place for rob to work uninterupted and the barn would have a hay loft and under the loft would be monkey bars and some swings and there would be climbing ropes it would be an indoor space for being very very active and playful which would be good because this would be on land farther north and farther east where we might get snow in winter and where we may have more reason for indoor playing than we have here. i would atach to the barn a smallish room robably built with cob and bale that i would use as a workshop for making wooden toys and other wood working stuff and i would have a little yurt someplace as my fiber arts studio. the land would be pretty large with many native trees and native plants but would have sunny spots for gardening we would have tree houses all around and ropes and swings for active play outside. it would be amazing. in my day dream i eventually have 4 children.. and i have become to distracted by being a mom to remember much more of my daydream and to busy to finish typing out what i do remember. it was very nice to day dream about our future this morning though.

today i plan on working on a surprise for you!

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I’m on wordpress now!

wheee i switched to wordpress and it was really easy. part of my switch is related to hopfully opening up shop over at etsy soon but more about that to come along with some freebies!

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check out crafty crow

a nifty contest is happening over at crafty crow. go check it out.

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should i get a sewing machine?

i had wanted a scroll saw. i had decided i needed a scroll saw and then rob talked me out of it. he was very rational and the winning argument was that i won’t really ever be able to use it right now or more that i won’t want to use a scroll saw much because i like being around dmitri and there is no way i would be able to get any work done with a scroll saw while dmitri is hanging out with/near me. i do plan on eventually getting a scroll saw though just not at this point and time. i have been thinking about other crafty things i could do and right now i’m not sure i can get a whole lot of sewing with a sewing machine done with dmitri either but i can sew inside and use the kitchen table with i could not do with a scroll saw and a sewing machine is a lot safer and i think very soon i will be able to do a little sewing here and there and dmitri will be ok with that. so i am trying to decide not so much if i should get a sewing machine but if now is a good time to get a sewing machine. should i wait a few months since i probably won’t get to sew a whole lot now or should i get one now and do a little sewing when rob is around…

maybe i should just stick to knitting for a few months. for what it is worth i found the sewing machine i think i would buy if buying one now refurbished for 75 dollars which we could afford but if i wait i may be able to get a better one or a better price on that one.

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Pay it Forward Crafty Challenge

so this was posted on one of my favorite blogs and i have secret hopes my good friend who posted this before me will comment here and i suspect she will since i think only 2 people read this… anyhow here it goes

How it works:

1. Be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post, and I will send you a handmade gift!
2. You then need to post the Pay It Forward challenge on your own blog and make a gift also for your first 3 commenters and so on it goes.

The handmade gift can be anything – large or small – and you have 365 days to complete and mail it!

Are you in? Leave a comment below!

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