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today i found this free pattern which happens to be for the exact sort of dress i have been wanting to make for a while. when i was a teenager i had this style dress.  it was a hand me down from my mom and my mom wore it when she was pregnant with me! sadly i lost it and almost all my possessions when i was forced to move away very quickly to escape from an abusive stepfather and psychotic aunt. ok enough sad stuff and on to the fun stuff! that dress i had as a teenager would be so worn out by now anyways i wouldn’t be able to wear it anymore. i want to make one and this one will be better because it will fit me better it will have pockets! and because i will have made it!

i am having trouble choosing a fabric though. i have it narrowed down to three. 2 of them are organic cotton and at first glance look really expensive but they are wide width so i would need less fabric and i would have tons left over. the third is less expensive but i would need to buy more of it. i would have less left over it is not organic but it is linen and from my recenyt research linen is generally grown with very few chemicals and is a fairly eco friendly fiber. i also love how linen looks and feels.

and on to the choices


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i have been itching to make a quilt lately but i have a problem. we are slowly making it so that all our bedding is organic. all new bedding we buy is organic and so it seems if i make a quilt it to should be organic. alas there are very few options of fun fabric that is also organic cotton available. lots of really nice rather plain fabric is available that would be just great for clothes. even childrens cloths it is easy enough to take something plain and add a touch of embroidery or maybe do some freezer paper stenciling on it. i have realized i will probably have to do a lot of dyeing of fabric this spring or summer for my quilt. it will be fun but it means i have to wait a while before i can start quilting.

i think what i really wish is that the fabric seen here came in organic cotton.

i guess i will just need to do lots of block printing and silk screening of fabric and get back into natural dye. dmitri is getting to be old enough that it won’t be so hard to do.

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i made my first pillow today. it is filled with organic eco wool from sheep that live in my state who are treated very well and the fabric is a fantastic linen cotton blend i have had around for years. later today or tomorrow i plan to make a pillow case for it. tree loves the pillow he is carrying it around and rolling on it and having a blast. it is pretty neat how a child can find something like a pillow so very entertaining and how he can get so much joy out of a simple stuffed square! i will post some photos once i ake a pillow case.

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a very short review

The Seal Mother The Seal Mother by Mordicai Gerstein

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i found this at the library today. it is one of the most beautiful stories i have read.

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knitting ramen

one of my best friends showed me this video and it is so awesome i thought more people should see it.

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the most amazing carrots

i was searching for easy healthy snacks for dmitri and i came across this recipe for glazed carrots and they are really amazing. i did not measure my ingredients and i added a bit of soy sauce instead of salt and a bit of pepper. dmitri is not so fond of the carrots but i love them and will be cooking them often. i think dmitri may not like the pepper so i will leave that out next time. he likes some spicy soups so i thought he wouldn’t mind a little spice with carrots but i was apperently wrong.

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quail stationary

i need to assemble the pinwheel and get some photos. i guess i ran into a snag. i don’t seem to have any pencils with erasers or pins. once i get pinwheel photos the stationary will be for sale.

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