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another fun web page

i found another fun web page, it is like a music toy. i love how it makes the music so visual! if you have free time and like playing around with music go check out GROTRIAN Pianos.


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computer issues

i am having some computer issues that make it harder to post blog entries, actually the issues make everything harder. on the bright side i found my phone and will e able to post a finale for the week of flowers. i may post fewer blog entries though until the laptop is working the way it should. right now doing anything on it causes a lot of frustration.

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have you seen bomomo?

I was playing around on stumble upon and i found a neat site called bomomo. my younger brother had faved it. it is a cool place to make little funny drawings and play. check out the drawing i did when i was playing around with it.


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my phone is missing and it has my last two photos for the week of flowers. i know where it is missing though. it’s in our office when i call it it buzzes but the office is a disorganized mess at the moment. once my phone is found i will finish up the week of flowers.

i have been thinking about this blog and what it’s theme is. i think it has two themes. it is about celebrating arts and crafts and about celibrating nature. it is aout how i and my son celibrate these things and i try to keep it uplifting and posotive. i spent to many years feeling depressed and negative and after a lot of hard work i managed to get out of that state and now i am mostly a very happy joyful person although i do still sometimes get depressed. i guess everyone gets down now and then. anyhow that is a small ramle about my thoughts and goals for this blog. i think next month i will not be doing a week of wildlife but i will do a week of something or other. i have a few fun ideas i need to see what i can come up with!

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off topic but fun

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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this isn’t exactly the quilt i want to make but these are pictures of the fabric i want to use. or fabric like these to make a simple rainbow colored quilt. the images are squares so when i play around it is squares if i make it i will do random shapes probably lots of strips of fabric and i would probably do some block printing on some of the fabric. in short this is just me playing with the colors. i won’t be making a quilt like this for some time. rob and i are trying to spend less money and so i am not buying any new fabric right now. i can get old clothes from the freebox downtown so i am thinking i will do a practice quilt out of old dress shirts first!


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hidden flowers

Originally uploaded by moonfroggy

these little flowers hide in the shade and are often not really noticed but i like them. i like that they are simple and pretty.

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