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this isn’t exactly the quilt i want to make but these are pictures of the fabric i want to use. or fabric like these to make a simple rainbow colored quilt. the images are squares so when i play around it is squares if i make it i will do random shapes probably lots of strips of fabric and i would probably do some block printing on some of the fabric. in short this is just me playing with the colors. i won’t be making a quilt like this for some time. rob and i are trying to spend less money and so i am not buying any new fabric right now. i can get old clothes from the freebox downtown so i am thinking i will do a practice quilt out of old dress shirts first!



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Watching a toddler has a cycle. it goes from surprisingly easy to being almost overwhelmingly hard then back again. today is a hard day. dmitri knows how to push chairs around now to reach surfaces previously beyond his reach. right now he is playing with our answering machine earlier he tried to “help” me cook lunch and before that he “helped” wash the dishes. i want him to help wash dishes and when he is a little older and has a little bit better understanding of english i want him to help me cook but right now cooking is hard because he just doesn’t get that the stove is hot and dangerous and as far as doing the dishes goes that is actually sort of fun and would be fine it just takes a lot of energy on my part and combined with his other adventures it sort of wore me out. we end up with a lot of water on the floor and often when we finish he finds all the clean dishes within his reach and puts them back int he sink.
on days like this where i feel a bit overwhelmed i tend to do a lot of day dreaming about things i want to make. today it has been an embroidery project i would like to do. i can’t actually work on it except in my head so that’s what i am doing. i am also day dreaming about block printing. yesterday i managed to make a few prints of some new blocks to see how they look. i need to do a bit more carving on them. i also want to make some new blocks. i would really like to try letterboxing and it would be cool to have my own personal stamp for it. i could just do my signature ladybug maybe i will do a robin and a ladybug. when i do a drawing for a signature for myself it is always a ladybug and for dmitri i always do a robin.
do you have a little drawing you sometime use as a signature? your own personal hieroglyphic? if so what is it? i would love to include an image of my personal signature but dmitri has me to busy to get to the scanner at the moment and so i will share an image i found on flicker doing a search for “overwhelmed”

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i have been working on creating a better space for creating. we have a studio that has been robs office but is now going to do double duty as robs office and my studio. it is a small 1 room building next to our house that has more stuff in it than what fits in i. we have been going through boxes and finding lost treasures and mostly finding lots of stuff to get rid of. i have been going through all the books on the many book cases and deciding what books i can summon the courage to part with. i am actually getting rid of a lot of books. books i know i can easily find again and that the library almost certainly has are easiest for me to get rid of. some of my art books i am giving to friends. my goal is to have one large empty book case for storring fabric and sewing stuff and one small book case to hold all my other artsy stuff. i want to make fabric boxes and baskets and things to store stuff in. i am especially interested in coil baskets. i used to make pine needles baskets which are a type of coil basket and i am realizing i can use similure techniques to make coil baskets but out of fabric scraps. downtown has a free box where people take old clothes and otehr things they no longer want and anyone can take stuff from the box as well. i plan to use old clothes for the fabric for some coil baskets! overall i have not done much crafty stuff durring the past few days but soon i will do something more crafty and then i can post photos!

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number 5

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i think this might be dmitri’s 5th drawing but i’m not certain. maybe it is his 7th? i wish i had gotten a photo of him in action for this one because he was so into it. first he stood at the table drawing and i looked down at the book i was reading and when i glanced back up he was sitting on the table in that classic squat that toddlers like to sit in and was still drawing. i think he may have spent a whole 10 minutes way longer than ever before.

one of the things i have learned is i can’t let him see the cap of the markers if he knows there is a cap he just wants to try and take it on and off the marker but he doesn’t have the motor skills to do it and gets frustrated and very little if any drawing happens. for this drawing i made sure to hide the cap ahead of time and i think that’s why he was so into drawing. what is also funny is he tries to draw with other things like knitting needles! that’s actually what prompted me to give him a marker and paper for this one he had found one of my chunky knitting needles and was trying to draw with it. things need to leave very visible marks or he looses interest and as a result crayons aren’t very popular with him right now. the markers we have been using are washable markers from stuby pencil and i like them a lot except that they all look the same except for the lid so it would be really easy for a child to mix up the caps and then not know what color was what. they are very washable though!

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i made my first pillow today. it is filled with organic eco wool from sheep that live in my state who are treated very well and the fabric is a fantastic linen cotton blend i have had around for years. later today or tomorrow i plan to make a pillow case for it. tree loves the pillow he is carrying it around and rolling on it and having a blast. it is pretty neat how a child can find something like a pillow so very entertaining and how he can get so much joy out of a simple stuffed square! i will post some photos once i ake a pillow case.

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quail stationary

i need to assemble the pinwheel and get some photos. i guess i ran into a snag. i don’t seem to have any pencils with erasers or pins. once i get pinwheel photos the stationary will be for sale.

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day dreams of the future

this morning rob took dmitri out so that i might sleep in. sadly i found myself unable to fall back to sleep and instead i started to day dream. i thought about where i would like to be in the future. how we hope to eventually by land and how right now it seems to me the perfect peice of land would have on it a little tiny cabin with a kitchen a place to eat and a sleeping loft and a small barn that we could clean out and use as a space to play. i thought about how if we found that we would then biuld a little cob house it would have a tiny kitchen mostly for making breakfast in (we would use the kitchen in thelittle  cabin for most meals and eat there as well) a little place to eat a few bedrooms for us and dmitri and future children a laundry room a bathroom and a little atached greenhouse. it would be a very tiny house.  the sleeping loft in the cabin would be an office place for rob to work uninterupted and the barn would have a hay loft and under the loft would be monkey bars and some swings and there would be climbing ropes it would be an indoor space for being very very active and playful which would be good because this would be on land farther north and farther east where we might get snow in winter and where we may have more reason for indoor playing than we have here. i would atach to the barn a smallish room robably built with cob and bale that i would use as a workshop for making wooden toys and other wood working stuff and i would have a little yurt someplace as my fiber arts studio. the land would be pretty large with many native trees and native plants but would have sunny spots for gardening we would have tree houses all around and ropes and swings for active play outside. it would be amazing. in my day dream i eventually have 4 children.. and i have become to distracted by being a mom to remember much more of my daydream and to busy to finish typing out what i do remember. it was very nice to day dream about our future this morning though.

today i plan on working on a surprise for you!

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