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i don’t know what these flowers are but they make me happy 🙂

happy flowers


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my landlord calls these wild onions. they certainly smell like onions. they are very pretty little white flowers that have volunteered to grow all over our garden.

wild onion

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i don’t know what type of flowers these are but they are lovely.  it is a tree and bees love it and are always buzzing around it happily. do you know what this is?

purple flowers with bees

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sadly i did not get any photos but i have a good reason for no photos. my hands where way to slippery and messy to hold a camera! i have been waiting for the sun to come out so that dmitri and i could go outside and play with shaving cream and we did and it was so fun. the only shaving cream at our tiny grocery store in town is not the foamy kind but if i put some of it in the blender with water it becomes foamy! i blended it with blue food coloring and we went outside with a giant bowl of it and some paper and a plastic tray. at first dmitri was very hesitant to even touch it. i had to get both my hands covered to show him it was ok but he was still hesitant so i playfully and gentlky got it all over his hands. he got sort of excited at that pint then he kept getting more into it and soon the paper was set aside and no longer of interest and we just had the shaving cream on the plastic tray and after a bit he was laying on the tray so his whole torso was in the shaving cream. i’m not sure that it was really an art thing it was more of  texture sensory thing but it was really really fun. i discovered that shaving cream makes everything really slippery and next time i do it i will have towels and things near by to dry my hands off quickly if i need to. rob was home today to help if dmitri went running off or if he had suddenly needed to be held. i really want to try the shaving cream mixed with finger paint!

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today i thought i would show off my blooming fava bean. people don’t really think of fava beans as ornamental but i find the flowers are really very pretty.

fava bean flowers

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it is spring here and it has been for a while. we have so many beautiful flowers in bloom i thought i might do a week of flowers with a new picture each day. i will start the week off with a california poppy

california poppy

whats in bloom where you live? i would love to see some pictures.

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a random moment in my day

i sit in my garden watching my son. he carries a stick around and pushes pebbles around with it. he bends down and looks through his legs at the upside down world that is behind him. he talks to himself quietly. he explores his surroundings.

i sit here feeling happy and peaceful and relaxed. soon i will be 30. my life is better than it ever has been and it seems to be getting better and better. it is not always good i have days that are hard but i am able to remind myself that i will have good days again and then i do!

one of the things i have to look forward to is eating the lettuce that is growing in my garden. what are you looking forward to?

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