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my computer is much happier and no longer has any of the software problems it had however i need to install various things and it is hard to do that while watching a toddler so it may take me a little longer before i get back to my old routines. also i managed to forget to make backups of my bookmarks and things like that and so i lost the huge list of blogs i enjoy reading. if anyone would like to suggest a blog for me that could be fun or if you have a blog and want toshare the url that would also be great. i mostly read crafty blogs and blogs abour parrenting but i also like blogs about decorating and about gardening and farming and cooking and i have been known to read blogs that where about stuff i had previously not found interesting so any sort of blog is cool.


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i found this while browsing  soulmama’s blog i suspect just aout the whole world knows about the soulmama blog but if you don’t know about it then go check it out because it is really amazing and it is one of the reasons i decided to start this blog.

anyhow i love this video i love the song and i love it because i am really facinated by paper engineering. i would love to learn more about how to create amazing things from paper but a lot of what i am interested in doing requires an exacto knife and dmitri tends to want to participate in whatever i am doing so i am planning on waiting a while before i get into paper cutting. so here is the video i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

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my phone is missing and it has my last two photos for the week of flowers. i know where it is missing though. it’s in our office when i call it it buzzes but the office is a disorganized mess at the moment. once my phone is found i will finish up the week of flowers.

i have been thinking about this blog and what it’s theme is. i think it has two themes. it is about celebrating arts and crafts and about celibrating nature. it is aout how i and my son celibrate these things and i try to keep it uplifting and posotive. i spent to many years feeling depressed and negative and after a lot of hard work i managed to get out of that state and now i am mostly a very happy joyful person although i do still sometimes get depressed. i guess everyone gets down now and then. anyhow that is a small ramle about my thoughts and goals for this blog. i think next month i will not be doing a week of wildlife but i will do a week of something or other. i have a few fun ideas i need to see what i can come up with!

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iphone 646

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this post is a little late. we have been out a lot the past few days and today we had internet problems as well.
i don’t know what these little yellow flowers are but they grow wild all over the trails we have been hiking on in the sunny areas not the forested areas.

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i don’t know what these flowers are but they make me happy 🙂

happy flowers

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my landlord calls these wild onions. they certainly smell like onions. they are very pretty little white flowers that have volunteered to grow all over our garden.

wild onion

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an idea

we went hiking today and we saw a lot of really cool wildlife. getting photos of wildlife is a lot harder than flowers. flowers don’t run away also we don’t have a very good camera and i honestly tend to use my iphone mroe than the camera we do have but rob suggested i at some point try and do a week of wildlife on my blog! i really love this idea. i am going to try and collect enough photos (plus this is a great reason to do more hiking!) and maybe next month i will do a week wildlife. maybe i will do a different theme every month and do one week with different photos. i could do a week of dmitri’s art even a week of my art. this is just an idea swimming around in my head but what do you think? besides wild life i got some more flower photos so my week of flowers may go over a little past a week so i can post the wild flowers growing around here.

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