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another fun web page

i found another fun web page, it is like a music toy. i love how it makes the music so visual! if you have free time and like playing around with music go check out GROTRIAN Pianos.


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have you seen bomomo?

I was playing around on stumble upon and i found a neat site called bomomo. my younger brother had faved it. it is a cool place to make little funny drawings and play. check out the drawing i did when i was playing around with it.


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i made my first pillow today. it is filled with organic eco wool from sheep that live in my state who are treated very well and the fabric is a fantastic linen cotton blend i have had around for years. later today or tomorrow i plan to make a pillow case for it. tree loves the pillow he is carrying it around and rolling on it and having a blast. it is pretty neat how a child can find something like a pillow so very entertaining and how he can get so much joy out of a simple stuffed square! i will post some photos once i ake a pillow case.

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quail stationary

i need to assemble the pinwheel and get some photos. i guess i ran into a snag. i don’t seem to have any pencils with erasers or pins. once i get pinwheel photos the stationary will be for sale.

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