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my other blog

these days i am doing blogging at my other blog. it is a quest blog i do with a friend and i think doing it with a friend helps me stay motivated so i actually keep posting on a regular basis!

anyhow check it out it is fun and cool.



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since computer issues i have lost my momentum. i think partly it is that my computer is still not working well and it works enouigh that i can post but i am frustrated so not posting as often as i was. not sure how to get out of this rut or if it is a rut that needs getting out of.

in the mean time i am outside a lot with dmitri and and while we have not done a lot of craft projects lately or gone hiking much we have been having a lot of fun. this week dmitri got gifts from grandmas, one grandma got him a fancy wooden play kitchen the other grandma got him a harmonica! i think the harmonica may have been inspired by the book Saterday With Mez which is an awesome book and one of the most read books in our house. so we have been busy playing with both new toys. well i mostly watch dmitri play when i try and play to i usually get gently and kindly pushed away. i may get a new laptop soon i don’t know if  i will feel motivated to post more if i get one and i am dithering about the cost of a laptop and if it is worth the money or if maybe i should take this as a sign that it is time i spend much less time online.

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computer issues

i am having some computer issues that make it harder to post blog entries, actually the issues make everything harder. on the bright side i found my phone and will e able to post a finale for the week of flowers. i may post fewer blog entries though until the laptop is working the way it should. right now doing anything on it causes a lot of frustration.

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