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woohoo it is up for sale

check it out my shop is up and has an item for sale even! heres a link


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procrastination isn’t all bad

you may have noticed that my valentines are not up on etsy yet. they will be soon. i am a little anxious about writing my description and have been proctrastinating but i have been super productive while procrastinating so it isn’t all bad. i have learned how to crochet. made baba ganoush and baked apples and yams and roasted onions. i did a lot of work learning how to use my new tablet (the drawing kind not the kind that is like a laptop). i practiced violin. i have done alls orts of stuff i have been meaning to do and in my defence of not writing up the description part of the issue is that my internet has been super flaky all day long. i want to go look at what others have done for inspiration and for a while no pages would load. so hopfully i can post this on my blog and read descriptions on etsy and hopfully i can work through my anxiety and by the end of the day my first item will be up for sale and soon after my second item (quail stationary).

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printable pdf valentines and mask

by the end of the day i hope to have my first product up on etsy! i just need to write a description! what do you think?

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Free Valentines For You

I made Valentines for you! you can download this pdf file print them out cut them up and give them to all your friends. if i ever find the time i may make fancier ones and sell them on etsy super cheap but for starters i just have freebies! help yourself to some hearts 🙂


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