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knitting ramen

one of my best friends showed me this video and it is so awesome i thought more people should see it.


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waiting for my yarn

i am excitedly waiting for my yarn to get here and making all sorts of plans for it. one thought i have is that maybe every time i get a new skein of yarn i will try and make 1 12″ x 12″ square. this is related to my short attention span with knitting and lack of ever making anything big. my thought is that eventually i will have a bunch of squares and will be able to make a blanket! it would be so nice if when Dmitri is ready to have his own bed he could have a blanket made by me that is all for him. I think we will be co-sleeping for a long time still at least i hope we will but knowing how i am with knitting i will have to start soon to have a blanket done when the time comes!

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this morning while browsing etsy i stumbled upon a secret sale of my favorite yarn and had to order some and then i had to go and browse ravelry and drool over patterns. while doing this i was thinking about how i don’t really like wearing scarfs i prefer not to have anything around my neck and while i like hats i tend to find they make me to warm and i often take them off and have to carry my hat around plus lately i wear my hair up (i use my knitting needles to hold it in a bun!). i was a little bit bummed because i prefer to knit quick easy things that don’t use much yarn. i have rather expensive taste in yarn and a short attention span. this has left me with a love of hats but being as how i never wear my hats it seems silly to keep knitting them. rob likes hats and he has trouble finding hats to fit his big head and dmitri will wear a hat if it is windy and cold but i want to knit stuff for me to. then i came across this pattern and i think this is something i would actually wear! it will keep my ears warm which is important because when i have cold ears i get a really terrible headache but i can wear my hair in a bun and it probably won’t keep me to warm. now i am browsing ravelry for more patterns for head scarfs and headbands and yay they use even less yarn!

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i have wanted to knit slippers since i was a little girl and i saw some my grandma had made for herself. i have the patterns she used for hers. she gave them to me several years ago. anyhow my big challenge with knitting is that i often have to abruptly stop to do mama related stuff and then can’t remember where i was. my other challenge is that i am not fond of perling and i like really easy simple patterns. and i found a pattern that will work great for me it is super easy if i stop abruptly it will be fine. no need to have specific yarn and needles to get some specific gauge. super easy. so my next project may be these slippers you can also see them here

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robs finished spiral hat

i think it came out very well! i especially like the brim which was something rob requested.

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Robs solstice spiral hat

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I am almost done with robs hat. It’s gray because that’s what I had and rob really likes gray. And it is large cuz rob has an abnormally large head.

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dmitri’s spiral hat

i am so happy with this spiral hat. i made up the pattern and plan to write it out for others to use. it knit up super fast and i love the spiral. it is shaped sort of like an acorn cap and so i have found myself calling it his acorn hat. it is reversible and looks neat no matter how it is worn. it is also super stretchy. i have enough yarn left that i think i may make a bigger one for me and give my simple rolled brim hat to rob. dmitri seems to like it to because he actually wears it instead of taking it off when i put it on his head.
stay tuned for the pattern and also the adult version once it is knit up.

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