I was playing around on stumble upon and i found a neat site called bomomo. my younger brother had faved it. it is a cool place to make little funny drawings and play. check out the drawing i did when i was playing around with it.



my phone is missing and it has my last two photos for the week of flowers. i know where it is missing though. it’s in our office when i call it it buzzes but the office is a disorganized mess at the moment. once my phone is found i will finish up the week of flowers.

i have been thinking about this blog and what it’s theme is. i think it has two themes. it is about celebrating arts and crafts and about celibrating nature. it is aout how i and my son celibrate these things and i try to keep it uplifting and posotive. i spent to many years feeling depressed and negative and after a lot of hard work i managed to get out of that state and now i am mostly a very happy joyful person although i do still sometimes get depressed. i guess everyone gets down now and then. anyhow that is a small ramle about my thoughts and goals for this blog. i think next month i will not be doing a week of wildlife but i will do a week of something or other. i have a few fun ideas i need to see what i can come up with!

off topic but fun

funny pictures of cats with captions
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this isn’t exactly the quilt i want to make but these are pictures of the fabric i want to use. or fabric like these to make a simple rainbow colored quilt. the images are squares so when i play around it is squares if i make it i will do random shapes probably lots of strips of fabric and i would probably do some block printing on some of the fabric. in short this is just me playing with the colors. i won’t be making a quilt like this for some time. rob and i are trying to spend less money and so i am not buying any new fabric right now. i can get old clothes from the freebox downtown so i am thinking i will do a practice quilt out of old dress shirts first!


hidden flowers

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these little flowers hide in the shade and are often not really noticed but i like them. i like that they are simple and pretty.

iphone 671

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these grow all along the hiking trails in the wooden shady places. they are low to the ground and easy to miss

Do you eat loafs?

rob and i have always wanted to try making our own lentil loaf but for whatever reasons we never did until the other day. we made a bean loaf using left over beans and it was so good we decided to make one today using lentils and brown rice and it came out really well. we made it to have during the week as easy toddler friendly lunch food and easy to take to work food for rob. we are having so much fun with loafs i wanted to share. we have been using The Magical Loaf Studio from vegan lunchbox. i also made rice pudding with extra brown rice loosely following this recipe. i hope you have yummy meals today.


the cold lentil loaf was one of the bet lunche dmitri and i have had. this is going to e a regular menu item in our home!