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do you have a beard?

maybe like me you where born without the ability to grow a beard. or maybe you have the ability but choose not to have a beard. or maybe you are one of those people who has a fabulously bushy beard! rob has the ability to grow a beard but claims they are itchy and so most of the time shaves before he has one. sometimes i am lucky and he gets busy and doesn’t shave for a while and starts to grow a beard but it is never a fabulously bushy beard but thats ok i found a solution. like me Erin Dollar does not have the ability to grow beards and so she makes them! you can check out her etsy shop here and she also has an amazingly cool blog.

now i am trying to decide if i should buy myself an amazing beard for my birthday and be all diy and make my own unique beard that is one of a kind.


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mustaches for you!

i have been super tired today so no stationary yet but i have a new freebie! this one i did just for fun. i have been to tired to try it out so if you find problems let me know and i will fix them. it is a sheet of mustaches! it is dedicated to my dad because he has a great mustache. you can print them out and cut them out and then wear them or put them on stuff. have a mug that needs a mustache? now it can! have fun


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