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quail stationary

i need to assemble the pinwheel and get some photos. i guess i ran into a snag. i don’t seem to have any pencils with erasers or pins. once i get pinwheel photos the stationary will be for sale.


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todays goals

there is a lot i want to do today. if i was not mama to a super active 15 month old it would not seem like so much but i am mama to my son and so it is a lot. it’s ok i don’t need to do it all but this is what i would like to do today.

  1. take photos of my new stationary set and the pinwheel
  2. assemble pinwheel and take more photos
  3. upload photos
  4. put the stationary up for sale on etsy!
  5. choose my first sewing project
  6. wind my first bobbin
  7. cut out fabric ect so that tomorrow i can start sewing!!!! (i got a sewing machine!!!)

what are your goals today?

*** and an update about my day****

rob was super busy plus it was raining a lot today and i usually take my photos outside when it is not raining. anyhow i got a few photos but i still need to do more stuff to get my stationary ready to sell but i did do something really amazing today. something really great. i made pants for dmitri! i am a bit hyper with happiness and woth feeling proud of myself. this is my first time really trying to sew anything in about 15 years and this is my first time sewing on a machine with no one to help me and i managed to set up my machine figure out how to use it and make a pair of pants all in about an hour! the pants are not perfect. some of the problems with them are from little mistakes i made or where i rushed and did not do as neat a job as i could have and some of the issues are that the pattern leaves a lot of room for a diaper and dmitri rarly wears diapers and doesn’t need all that room. all in all i am super proud and when he wears the pants they could easily pass for store bought. i feel like i had a really productive day. now to have a relaxing restfull night.

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